School Board

School Board elections are held every three years. The Board meets monthly, and visitors are always welcome. If you would like to email a Board member please don't hesitate. Our email address is

The School Board is a community elected group representing the families of Riverina School.

The Board is responsible for the governance of the school. This involves making decisions about eg. property, personnel, finance, policies, and particularly about student achievement and welfare. Please find attached our Annual Financial Report for 2021.  

School Docs is our "cloud based" policy and procedure system. This is a comprehensive core set of policies that have been well-researched and follow the Ministry of Education National Administration Guidelines. Each term there are policies and procedures for review. You can find our policies and procedures by following the below instructions. 

Meeting Dates 2023

The Board meets twice a term in the Board Room located in the Riverina School Office Block, at 6.30pm

Term One                                       Term Two

Term commences 1 February                      Term commences 24 April 

Monday 20  February                                   Monday 22 May

Monday  20  March                                      Monday 19 June                             

Term finishes 6  April                                   Term finishes 30 June



Term Three                                    Term Four

Term commences 9 October                        Term commences 17 July

Monday 30 October                                      Monday 21 August

Monday 27 November                                  Monday 18 September

Term finishes 15 December                         Term finishes 22 September             

Board Members

Presiding Member: Joycelyn Tauevihi  


Principal: Arinam Goundar


Staff Representative: Ravina Devi


Thomas Field 

Maria Zafirova

Audrey Afamasaga

Donald Wotherspoon